KIWI Portraits Completed

For an art history lover this was a dream project. We commissioned artists around the world to create unique pieces re-imaginging what the bottom halves of iconic artwork would be. We then partnered with Docent to create a Augmented Reality (AR) app that would allow people to view the work at museums across the world and then view the bottom half of the masterpieces.


Commissioned artists include:
Dan Craig, Hugh Syme and Latina.

GOLD CANNES LION, Print and Publishing, “Kiwi Portraits Completed”, France 2017

SILVER CANNES LION, OOH, “Kiwi Portraits Completed”, France 2017

2 BRONZE CANNES LION, OOH , “Kiwi Portraits Completed”, France 2017

BRONZE CANNES LION, Print and Publishing , “Kiwi Portraits Completed”, France 2017

GOLD CLIO Awards OOH,“Kiwi Portraits Completed”, 2017

9 SILVER CLIO Awards Print Technique and Illustration /Print, OOH Categories ,“Kiwi Portraits Completed”, 2017

3 BRONZE CLIO Awards Print Technique and Illustration, OOH Categories ,“Kiwi Portraits Completed”, 2017

BRONZE London International awards. Branded entertainment: Augmented Reality, “Kiwi Portraits Completed” 2017

2 BRONZE London International awards. Print. “Kiwi Portraits Completed"2017

WINNER WPPED CREAM Category ADVERTISING "Kiwi Portraits Completed” 2017

  • Role Senior Content Producer

  • For SCJ | KIWI Shoes

  • Date April 2017

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