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Matchmaker. Content Curator. Negotiating Ninja. Problem Solver. Creative Producer. Since 2002, I’ve worn all these hats and more. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with talent on both coasts and in the middle producing original, curated content.

I started my career as an art buyer and shifted into art production, managing large-scale photo shoots for global clients all over the world. Curious still, I moved into film and content, producing television to social content and everything in between.

I love to juggle multiple projects at once, and thrive on working under budget and time constraints. I pride myself on being a creative resource to help identify the perfect creative partner - whether it is a photographer, director, artist, stylist, animator, editor, illustrator, or production company to bring the big idea to life. I have an extensive network of contacts that I can tap into when briefed with a project.

Selected agency list includes:
Ammirati, Anamoly, BBH LA, BFG9000, Brokaw, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, DeutschNY, Droga5, GYRO, Huge, Marcus Thomas LLC, MotherNY, Ogilvy One/Ogilvy & Mather, SapientNitro, Toaster, and Young & Rubicam

Awards + Press:
• 2017 - Gold Cannes Lion - Print and Publishing, Kiwi's "Portraits Completed", Silver Cannes Lion - OOH, "Kiwi Portraits Completed", 2017, 2 Bronze Cannes Lions - OOH , "Kiwi Portraits Completed"
• 2017 - 1 Gold, 9 Silvers and 3 Bronze Clio Awards for Kiwi's "Portraits Completed" Campaign
• 2016 - Bronze, Clio Award - Short Form Films, Blue Cross Blue Shield - "Live Fearless" Campaign
• 2014 - Silver Andy, One Show Silver, Cannes Film Shortlist, D&AD In Book - Newcastle "No Bollocks"
• 2012 - Gold Cannes Lion, Integrated Campaign, Prudential "Day One"
• 2010 - One Show Bronze Pencil Award for Integrated Branding for LG “Give it a Ponder” campaign
• 2010 - Bronze Clio Award for Integrated Campaign for LG “Give it a Ponder” campaign
• 2009 - Interviewee for Photo District News regarding the LG Global TV Print Campaign

• 2009 - AtEdge, NYCFotoWorks
• 2008 - Judge for Photo District News “Top Knots” wedding photography contest

"Above all, Maggy is passionate about the work. She truly loves photography and film, and has impeccable taste. I value her artist recommendations just as much as I value her production expertise. She consistently helps me shape the work, and delivers it all on budget, every time. She makes every project better for having been a part of it. Beyond that, she's a pleasure to work with, and an all around excellent human being. I can't say enough good things." Jay Lorenzini / Creative Director working together on Ray Ban and Persol

“I've had the opportunity to work with Maggy in both a full time and freelance capacity. Maggy is a joy to work with and to know. When it comes to her work she is a true professional. She is optimistic, insightful, and a considerate creative partner. When there are opinions needed she gives them. When there are problems to solve she helps to solve them. Whenever there is a budget to be tweaked she reworks it. She is a problem solver and she is very good at doing so. I have had the honor of working with her before several times and I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. - Adrian Hilton / Creative Director working together on Converse and Powerade

"Maggy filled in for me as a freelance producer while I was on my honeymoon. I was delighted to return to the office to find that all of my projects were in better shape than I’d left them. Before she left, Maggy handed over a disk of thoroughly organized folders containing the details and files for everything that transpired in my absence. In this profession, it can be difficult to get away without work following you. Maggy managed everything seamlessly and helped make my honeymoon all the more relaxing." - Jerrod McMillian / Executive Producer at Marcus Thomas LLC.

"Maggy is an inspiration to work with. Her love of art extends through all mediums, and she carries this to each project she touches. Her excitement for photography and illustration is contagious, and it spreads from shoots to creatives to producers. She is an invaluable asset to any agency, and to each project she works on." Veronica Reo / Art Producer who collaborated with Maggy at Y&R New York.

"Maggy is a self starter. She has a true passion for the creative world and has immersed herself in it. Her intelligence allows her to deal with a variety of situations and she never runs from a problem. She is an amazing art buyer and great collaborator" Meghan DeBruler / Art Production Manager worked with Maggy at Ogilvy & Mather.


Allstate, BP, Barclay's Global Investors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brita, Campbell’s, Cisco, Columbia, Conagra, Converse, Dish Network, Dove, Epson, Findlandia, GE, Green Mountain Coffee, Google, Hennessy, iShares, Kenmore, Land Rover, LG Global and LG USA, Lucas Arts, Milk, MGD, Newcastle, Noika, Pall Mall, Pella, Persol, Powerade, Priceline, Ohio Lottery Commission, Orchard Supply Hardware, PUMA, PUMA, Purdy, Proctor & Gamble, RayBan, Rubbermaid, Ritz Carlton, Sears, Sharpie, Sherwin Williams, State Farm Insurance, Suave, Sun Microsystems, Tarkett, Twinings Tea, Xerox, Yahoo!, Kraft


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